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A Closer Look at Cinnamon Bark

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In Madagascar, which seems to be a frequent stop on the dōTERRA® responsible sourcing circuit, tropical evergreen cinnamon trees grow all year long, refreshing the already sweet island breeze with their distinctive fragrance. When it comes to harvesting Cinnamon Bark essential oil, leaves are the main thing standing between harvesters and accessing the precious liquid flowing beneath the bark. They clear off the leaves and expertly slice the bark in a way that allows the tree to continue flourishing. Any leftover wood from the process contributes to keep fires burning, and I can only imagine the aroma around that campfire!

Herbalists know Cinnamon Bark as heating, moving, and stimulating. These properties make it a wonderfully soothing massage ingredient for the cold aches of winter: simply pop open your Cinnamon Bark oil for a warming muscle and joint massage. Be sure to dilute this hot oil with plenty of drops of carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, before smoothing directly onto tired, chilled limbs in need of heat and supported circulation. If you opt for internal usage, use a Veggie Capsule or place one drop in hot water or tea rather than placing directly under your tongue, as you might do with a milder oil. Cinnamon Bark’s heat must be tamed to be enjoyed!

Jazz up your metabolism and immune system with powerful Cinnamon Bark. What makes this spicy oil able to make such a significant impact on its surroundings? Two words: cinnamaldehyde and eugenol. These two natural chemicals support healthy function across multiple body systems, which explains why this herb is so heavily relied upon in traditional and natural health-supporting practices.

Of course, these very same qualities also make it a great household cleaner. A spray bottle full of water with a few drops of Cinnamon Bark is all you need for a quick, effective cleaning spray. Using essential oils in this way saves you from spending a few dollars here, several dollars there, on toxic products that claim cleaning power. Watch synthetic products gradually drop off your shopping list as you learn more about how to incorporate essential oils such as Cinnamon Bark into your daily tasks. Those dollars add up, and so do the supportive benefits of using the pure and natural solutions dōTERRA places in our hands.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention the dental care aspect of Cinnamon Bark. Give your mouth a morning, evening, or anytime gargle with one drop of this spicy oil in two ounces of water to leave you feeling fresh. But here’s another side of Cinnamon Bark that may be new to you: use it aromatically for emotional balance, letting the aroma open up denied feelings and increase receptivity. Diffuse to utilize the aroma of Cinnamon Bark in this new way.

And then, of course, there are those mouthwatering baked goods like cinnamon apples and cinnamon muffins. How’s this diffuser blend for some classic, cozy comfort? I think it can stand alone as the only blend idea we really need to cover today.

Cinnamon Roll Morning

• 3 drops Cinnamon Bark

• 2 drops Cardamom

• 2 drops Madagascar Vanilla

A fragrant stick of rolled-up cinnamon bark pictures a deliciously familiar herb. You already know how to bake, cook, and even decorate with this aromatic cinnamon stick. But as we’ve just discovered, there’s much more to see in Cinnamon Bark.