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The story of Clove begins in the volcanic Maluku Islands of Indonesia, where the clove tree was born. Through a journey of twists and turns, the tree arrived in Europe and eventually made it to Africa. The people of the island nation of Madagascar quickly developed expertise in the cultivation of this evergreen, which produces lucrative leaves, stems and buds. It’s been said that clove trees thrive when they grow within sight of both mountains and sea, evidenced by how it flourishes in places like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

From ancient times, the clove bud has been known for its freshening effects when used within the mouth. Clove was naturally available and useful for dental purposes long before regular dentist visits could be found in people’s calendars! Today, these same oral hygiene benefits can be enjoyed by gargling one drop of dōTERRA® Clove oil in a few ounces of water. Use this strong, spicy homemade mouthwash to soothe teeth and gums, or pop one intense drop onto your toothpaste for a super stimulating brush.

Warm and woody, Clove blends nicely with citrus oils and with similarly woody oils, including Cinnamon Bark and Frankincense. Cozy, comforting Clove can delightfully intensify your sweet holiday moments. Experience its evocative aroma via these diffuser blends:

Fireside Dreaming

• 2 drops Clove

• 2 drops Siberian Fir

• 2 drops Cinnamon Bark

Thanksgiving Dinner

• 2 drops Clove

• 2 drops Ginger

• 1 drop Lemon

Clove is an essential oil that’s great for aromatic, topical, and internal use alike. It contains a chemical called eugenol that has serious purifying power, with the ability to turn up the heat on all kinds of unwanted invaders. You’ll want to dilute Clove with Fractionated Coconut Oil or another carrier oil before applying topically to the skin. It’s intensely hot! One simple way to keep the heat at bay is to combine one drop of Clove with your favorite hand and body lotion for a warming, supportive massage that will not overpower the skin.

It’s quite likely that dried clove already resides in your kitchen cupboard. Clove shows up as a spicy addition to many sweet and savory dishes, particularly ones containing pumpkin and ginger that are so popular this time of year. Clove oil definitely makes a welcome guest at the Thanksgiving table! Dare to try a toothpick dip of dōTERRA Clove in place of the dried spice. In general, baking requires a bit more essential oil than cooking. A toothpick dip may work for a sauce, while a drop or two may be necessary for a baked good. Roughly speaking, when it comes to herbs, 1 teaspoon dried = 1 tablespoon fresh = 1 drop essential oil. This is simply a starting point as you learn how to use your oils to taste. Be sure to mix your Clove oil with another liquid during the cooking process, to help evenly distribute the tasty and purifying goodness!

Building on their important mission to pursue what’s pure, dōTERRA partners directly with Malagasy farmers to ensure the highest quality Clove essential oil; and these farmers are paid fairly and dependably for their ethical distillation processes. For some families, planting clove trees and entering the essential oil sourcing business can mean the difference between a child having the opportunity to pursue higher education or not. We’re grateful for their willingness to do the patient work of planting and harvesting, and also that they partner with a trustworthy company committed to helping them export and share their pure product with the world.

Spicy, strong Clove is an oil that makes its intense presence known right away. The clove buds themselves, shaped a bit like nails, are as tough as they look. It’s time to put Clove’s cleansing, protective intensity to work this season around your home and at your table.