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Balsam Fir Jar Candles to Light the Night

· Essential Oils
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The homemade fir-scented candles we’re about to make can take on a variety of shapes, sizes, and aromas according to the wishes of the creator. How wonderful to be able to make your very own naturally scented candles; you won’t have to wonder where all the fragrances originated or whether it may be emitting irritating chemicals. By way of a safety note, before we dive into candle making for beginners, be careful when working with the lamp wicks mentioned in this recipe. Do a little research for yourself regarding wick length, taking into consideration jar size, and never be ashamed to ask the friendly craft store employee for guidance and tips when looking for the right supplies. We may not all be born crafters, but surely we can all ask questions and learn as we go!

Crafters old and new, gather together the following supplies to make your Balsam Fir Jar Candle:

Lamp wicks (available at craft stores)

Small- to medium-sized mason jar with lid

Coconut oil

10 drops Balsam Fir essential oil

First, decide if you want to dress up your candle using earthy elements and/or color. If so, surround your work area with an inviting selection of organic items: pieces of pine cones, citrus fruit, cranberries, bits of branches, food coloring, etc. Let your imagination lead the way. These items should be arranged in the empty jar before any coconut oil is poured in. Once these organic decorations are in place, begin the candle making process by filling the jar almost to the top with coconut oil. Note that this recipe calls for regular coconut oil, not Fractionated Coconut Oil. After the jar is nearly filled to the brim, drop in your Balsam Fir and/or other desired oils. Drill a small hole into the top of the jar lid. Carefully slide the lamp wick up through the hole, making sure most of the wick stays inside the jar. Tighten lid, then enjoy the lighted fir that now sits within the palm of your hand!

Maybe you’re not feeling the candle-making approach (did we lose you at the lamp wick?), yet you still want in on the cozy holiday aroma of strong Balsam Fir and his seasonal companions. Turn to your trusty diffuser to enhance the holiday mood in the room, and be amazed at how the following blend perfectly combines so many of this month’s featured oils!

Apple Blossoms

3 drops Cardamom

2 drops Balsam Fir

2 drops Frankincense

1 drop Grapefruit

We’re letting that spicy Cardamom mix with crisp, airy Balsam Fir, then cranking up the richness and sweetness of the blend with notes of Frankincense and Grapefruit following close behind. Whether you choose the route of a homemade candle or the ease of an electronic diffuser, you’ll be enlivening your environment with fresh, cleansing aromas that welcome the people into your space. Both recipes utilize grounding, majestic Balsam Fir to light up the home as well as the hearts of those gathered together.