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Beautiful Citrus Bloom

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What would you say if I told you that dōTERRA® created an essential oil blend specifically to embody the season of spring? I was surprised myself when I first looked at my bottle of Citrus Bloom® and saw the descriptor “Springtime Blend.” It was a perfectly fitting description of what happened when I opened the bottle and first experienced the aroma. It’s nearly impossible to take a whiff of this blend without smiling. Everything about it is bright and cheery!

Citrus Bloom is an expertly crafted bouquet of Wild Orange and Grapefruit, two citrus oils, along with a selection of floral oils: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Magnolia. The result is a beautiful fusion of fresh-peeled fruit with freshly cut florals. When you’re looking for something sunny, energizing, and tension-melting, this is the blend you want. Made extra soft and sweet by the floral oils, Citrus Bloom can leave emotions feeling more balanced and hopeful. Need to focus mentally or help yourself see the sunny side of things? Diffuse three or four drops of Citrus Bloom for a positively uplifting aroma.

Here’s a brief play-by-play of what each oil specifically brings to this blooming blend: we’ve got cleansing, energizing Wild Orange, along with invigorating, purifying Grapefruit on team citrus. On team floral, there’s calming Lavender, relaxing Roman Chamomile, and sweet Magnolia. Together they’re positively unstoppable, with the power to make you feel unstoppable, too!

To put those calming floral powers to use, apply Citrus Bloom topically beneath the nose or on the back of the neck. Take a deep inhale of Citrus Bloom to help subdue food cravings that strike when you’re trying to stay disciplined in that area. Dab some of this beautiful blend on the wrists or temples to freshen up, or add a burst of Citrus Bloom to your hand and body lotion. Dare to carry your Citrus Bloom into the laundry room for this most important household task, and feel good about the added purification that’s swishing around in the washer with a drop or two added to the load.

For those who work at a desk and find that a certain time of day tempts you to a downward slump of energy or emotions, take Citrus Bloom to work with you. When the slump starts to set in, or ideally, before that moment, rub one or two drops between the palms and inhale from cupped hands. Are your coworkers wondering what just happened to you? Then pass around the bottle! Come to think of it, who knows just how much a workplace could benefit from this simple step toward promoting a more positive outlook. Tranquility and work really can go together, and Citrus Bloom is probably the best blend out there to make that happen.

Sure, anxious feelings and tense moments are sure to arise throughout the course of the day; but we have an easy way to send them on their way. Suddenly the birds are singing, colorful flowers are in full bloom, and life looks bigger than that one little sticking point that made you feel like everything was crashing down. That’s what this dōTERRA springtime blend accomplishes with every sunshine-filled drop. So with birdsongs echoing from tree to tree and the smells of springtime in the air, bring spring into your home and workplace with Citrus Bloom, a fusion of the best scents the season has to offer.