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Beautify with Geranium

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Today’s dive into Geranium essential oil will inspire you to channel your inner Cleopatra. This enchanting queen of ancient Egypt, known for her charm and power, was certainly wise in the ways of using nature’s beauty for its maximum enhancing effects in her personal care! The fragrant oil extracted from geranium petals was employed by ancient Egyptians in her time to beautify the skin and hair, helping it recover from pesky irritations that have remained part of the human experience from then until now.

Become acquainted with Geranium as you diffuse this blend. It will totally help to imagine yourself reclining in a setting of lavish royalty. Inner Cleopatra, come on out.

Simply Radiant

  • 3 drops Geranium
  • 3 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Wild Orange

Yes, you are simply radiant, inside and out. Geranium essential oil can promote healing and regeneration not just on the skin-deep level, but also (and more importantly) on the emotional level. A unique chemical composition and an intoxicating aroma make dōTERRA® Geranium a force for strengthening and stabilizing. Inhaling sweet, herbaceous Geranium is like drawing in a deep breath of emotional balance. While the geranium flower is a staple of the perfume industry, not every creature finds the scent so pleasant. It’s a known fact that unwelcome creepy crawlers will avoid Geranium like the plague, so a great use of this oil is to employ every molecule of its chemical composition in self-defense! The Cleopatra-like charm of Geranium’s aroma is completely lost on insects. Use this knowledge strategically.

In Victorian times, fresh geranium leaves were often placed decoratively on formal dining tables; and these edible leaves would also be used in cakes, desserts, jellies, and teas. While you can certainly still give this a go with certain types of geraniums, allow me to suggest some more modern tips for using your dōTERRA Geranium. Promote healthy, glowing skin while drinking in the sweetest floral aroma you can imagine with an aromatherapy steam facial. Carefully combine the benefits of cleansing, clarifying steam with a few drops of Geranium to pour beautification straight into those pores. Your skin will thank you. Apply Geranium near the underarm area to help suppress unpleasant odors and envelop you with all-day sweetness. What Geranium does for skin, it also does for hair; so give your locks a vibrant glow by adding Geranium oil to your cleansing, conditioning, or styling routine. This is as easy as adding a drop to your hair care product, which will surround you with a lovely, calming perfume that follows youthroughout the day.

The flower species used to produce Geranium essential oil is actually known as the rose geranium. What a high compliment for a bloom to resemble the beauty and majesty of the rose closely enough to be considered a worthy substitute when roses aren’t available! Geraniums have at times been dubbed the “poor man’s rose,” a nickname that encourages us to substitute Geranium essential oil for Rose when needed.

Distilled from geranium plants native to South Africa, where they grow fragrant green leaves and rose-colored flowers in full sun and fertile soil, dōTERRA Geranium gives a balancing, releasing boost to everything it touches. This is true beauty. We can follow Cleopatra’s lead and pursue outward beauty, but a heart at peace is even better. Beautify inside and out with Geranium!