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Cedarwood Strong

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Ever wish you could bottle up determination and stability? Meet the cedar tree, respected from antiquity. It’s mentioned several times in the Bible, and its history is as rich as its woody aroma. In fact, one of the very first essential oils extracted from nature may have been from the cedar of Lebanon. It’s difficult not to highly regard this strong, sturdy tree that grows up to 100 feet in height, and even more so after we realize the holistic health benefits it offers. Cedar trees thrive at high altitudes in frigid climates, where their roots grow deep and their wood develops its characteristic rich hue and warm, nutty scent. If you like your oils tall and strong, and you value the ability to thrive under difficult conditions, you’ll want Cedarwood on your team!

Those of us who prefer to embrace trees rather than cut them down can breathe a sigh of relief before going any further: dōTERRA responsibly sources Cedarwood essential oil from red cedar byproducts of the lumber industry in the Southeastern United States. Zero-waste and sustainable sourcing practices make it feel great to put this grounding oil to use.

The sweet, woody aroma of Cedarwood carries the ability to soothe, clarify, and relax. It’s a solid choice for soothing anxious feelings: place a couple of drops into the palms of your hands and inhale deeply, or apply to the bottoms of feet. Have a little one who wakes up in need of calming in the middle of the night? Along with your tender prayers and hugs, offer them a relaxing Cedarwood foot rub.

It’s no surprise that the essential oil of the hardy cedar tree promotes wellness and vitality. Add one or two drops to your facial toner or moisturizer to promote healthy, glowing skin. For skincare purposes, Cedarwood essential oil blends nicely with the purifying oils Melaleuca and Lavender. Consider allowing them to work in concert to support your hard-working (and stressed out) skin. To promote higher levels of energy during your workout, massage a drop or two of Cedarwood directly onto your chest. Let it provide that added boost of vitality needed to run the extra mile!

At the end of a difficult day, be inspired by the tall, unwavering cedar, thriving under harsh conditions. You don’t stand alone. Reach out to your loved ones the way the roots of the sturdy cedar connect it so firmly to the ground. As you draw strength from their support, draw also from mighty Cedarwood, putting its soothing benefits to work for you.