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Discover Palmarosa

· Essential Oils
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Sourced from the swaying blades of a grass native to the humid wetlands of Nepal, Palmarosa’s rosyscent makes us lean in with closed eyes to drink in its beautiful aroma. Also known as Indian geranium, Palmarosa is waiting to add its welcoming, refreshing capabilities to your dōTERRA® lineup!

It’s easy to associate Rose with Palmarosa because of the similarity between their names, and rightly so; they’re both renowned for their natural skin benefits. It’s a supremely high compliment for Palmarosa to be compared with the Queen of Oils, isn’t it? In fact, the palmarosa plant was so named because of its aromatic resemblance to rose oil.

Incorporate Palmarosa into your regular routine as you care for and soothe your skin from head to toe. Who doesn’t want healthier and more youthful-looking skin with a pleasant rosy scent lingering on it? Put this gentle plant oil to the test on areas that need extra support and experience Palmarosa’s cleansing and repairing capabilities for yourself. Include a drop or two in a soothing bath or dilute with a carrier oil as part of a relaxing message, remembering that this oil has a slight cooling effect on the skin while it gets to work promoting balance and hydration.

Sweetly floral and even a tad lemony, it’s clear why Palmarosa is a common ingredient in perfumes. To create a welcoming, airy atmosphere of calmness, diffuse Palmarosa in the greeting area of your home. Wondering what to include with it in a new diffuser blend? Consider inviting Rosemary, Geranium, Lime, or Ylang Ylang to join the party. Prepare yourself for what may just be the rosiest, most florally enticing mixture of oils you’ve ever experienced with the following diffuser blend. Let’s use Palmarosa as the main ingredient to transport us right into the middle of a gorgeous garden.

Rose Garden

6 drops Palmarosa

4 drops Geranium

4 drops Rose

2 drops Patchouli

1 drop Ylang Ylang

Welcome Palmarosa into your dōTERRA collection and use it to promote youthful-looking, healthy skin while also calming those occasional feelings of nervousness and stress that can creep up on us. Reach for Palmarosa and its aromatic benefits when your mood is in need of uplifting or when restless feelings arise. Use it to help ease mental fatigue after a demanding day, when you need to recover a sense of tranquility. As you can see, the applications of Palmarosa extend beyond the body to support the mind as well.

This tropical grass that thrives in the wetlands of Southeast Asia is here to help that all-important organ of the human body, our skin, to thrive as well. Don’t miss your chance to discover Palmarosa.