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Don’t Miss Melissa

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Every once in a while, our favorite essential oil company gives us a big kiss in the form of a Melissa promotion. When your particular market is the lucky one, do yourself a favor and jump on it quickly! Because dōTERRA® Melissa is among the rarest and most expensive oils available and boasts an extensive range of benefits, you don’t want to miss your chance to possess it. Think calm, centered, and balanced when you hold this beautiful oil in your hands.

By way of a quick review, the Melissa plant is a short perennial plant that grows petite white flowers amidst edible leaves, and it’s also commonly known by the name lemon balm. Melissa essential oil, prized in Europe since the time of Christ, is extracted from the leaves of this enduring herb. Why has Melissa consistently enjoyed such high esteem, and what makes it so timeless as to be valued today just as much as it was millennia ago? As we address specific applications, keep in mind that Melissa has been compared to Clove, Oregano, and Frankincense in terms of its power factor. Ask an experienced oiler if you aren’t yet sure what sets those guys apart in a class of their own!

One thing that hasn’t changed in the last 1000 years is that human beings tend to struggle with attitude problems. Medieval Melissa was lovingly called “Nectar of Life” because of her uncanny ability to improve mood. Wow, there’s something so historically significant about realizing the passage of a thousand years doesn’t change the fact that people get bogged down with bad moods! While you could choose to experience Melissa’s awakening, uplifting aroma with a drop of this nectar in your cupped hands, just as Europeans probably did in the Middle Ages under Charlemagne, you might just take advantage of a modern convenience and pop a drop or two into your diffuser. Diffuse it solo or with a concert of other aromas, as in this deeply optimistic blend.

Hopeful Heart

2 drops Melissa

2 drops Juniper Berry

2 drops Black Spruce

Let warm, herbaceous Melissa oil cleanse and support the skin while relaxing the entire body with its sweet calming properties. Keep within arm’s reach when you expect to find yourself in a situation that may cause anxious feelings to arise. In that moment, breathe deep of Melissa; and after letting her mood-boosting do its magic, this may become your new go-to ritual when you’re needing emotional support. To really highlight Melissa’s soothing properties, buddy her up with Lavender and let them join forces together against your stress!

By now you’re probably understanding why Melissa became such a popular girls’ name, right? Rare, valuable, precious and beautiful, just like all the little girls throughout history who’ve been so named. Another reason Melissa oil is treasured is its low yield, meaning it takes a large amount of plant matter to produce just one 5 mL bottle. At one time, Melissa was even more coveted because of its scarcity; but through responsible co-impact sourcing in Bulgaria, dōTERRA has committed to making Melissa available for generations to come. This Mediterranean beauty, born in a rugged and lovely part of the world, stands ready to support both body and mind. Make sure you don’t miss Melissa!