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Essential Oils for Skincare

Your skin deserves good care. It’s the body’s largest organ, and it serves all the other organs by covering and containing them. How can you use dōTERRA®essential oils to serve your skin as it fulfills its important daily functions?

First, it’s helpful to know that while many essential oils can be comfortably applied to the skin directly (called “neat” application), others need to be mixed with a carrier oil such as dōTERRA® Fractionated Coconut Oil to avoid skin sensitivity. The four we’re about to look at can usually be applied neat.

Melaleuca, or Tea Tree oil, is known for its purifying qualities, making it useful for skin cleansing and supporting a healthy complexion. It delivers a cooling effect with an earthy, herbaceous scent. To give your skin some rejuvenating attention, combine 1-2 drops with your facial cleanser or apply to the face after shaving. You can also take advantage of Melaleuca’s purifying effects by applying it to the skin around your fingernails and toenails after bathing.

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Lavender is next up! Known as a must-have oil because of its wide variety of uses, Lavender actually means “to wash” in Latin, and may be the most widely used essential oil in the world. It is frequently used to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections when applied topically. Powdery, floral, light, and versatile, what’s not to like about lavender? Keep it on hand to help soothe occasional skin irritations, including those resulting from encounters with insects or a little too much time in the sun.

Myrrh is another long-time favorite used around the world. Soothing to the skin, myrrh promotes a smooth, youthful-looking complexion. Try adding doTERRA Myrrh to your lotion or moisturizer to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The hot, smoky, woody aroma of myrrh, along with its ancient history and nurturing qualities, make it unique. Helpful hint: when myrrh dries on and around the bottle, it becomes sticky. Take care to wipe the bottle neck and cap after each use so it’s easier to open next time you need it.

We saved Helichrysum for last because it packs a particularly powerful punch. Helichrysum is referred to as “The Everlasting Flower” because of its rejuvenating benefits for the skin and its ability to improve the complexion. It can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and promote a glowing, youthful vibrancy. The regenerating properties of Helichrysum make it a great choice for supporting skin renewal throughout the various stages of life.

These four oils blend well together, meaning you can layer them and benefit from different oils at the same time. Although this is only a small sampling of how dōTERRA®essential oils can change your skincare routine, it’s a great place to start! With Melaleuca, Lavender, Myrrh, and Helichrysum, doTERRA makes it easy to resolve to be good to the skin you’re in.