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If you don't know what these things are - ask! It's all about having an amazing, DUPLICATABLE Process!!

1. Enter the enrollment at, hover on Account Icon, Click Enroll New Member

2. Facebook friend them (as you told them you would.)

3. Add them to Your FB group for New Members Group and tag them in your FAQ posts 1,2,3 on what they should do next. If they do not want to Facebook friend, send them a link to your closed but viewable team group so they can request to join on their own. Do not make your group so private that they cannot find it on their own. They'll get a mini member overview there with videos, files and graphics, so your job at their 7-10 day membership overview aka “I have my oils now what plus recipes” follow up chat will be super simple.

4. Tag them in 1-2 posts in your chit chat members group on their situation, so they see how the group works and get started on learning and feeling confident. For example if they have issues with aches and discomforts, find a great testimonial or educational post about that and tag them in it.

5. Send them a welcome email with the documents attached called “I have my oils now what plus recipes” (in the files tab), confirm with them the appointment time and location of your 7-10 day membership overview chat. If they can’t meet in person then do it over the phone or facetime or zoom. Make sure your email includes a link to your Facebook group to join, so they do not have to look for it.

6. Hand them or ship them a Goodie Bag with things that are not in their kit. If you meet them in person, hand them the goodie bag - the sooner they have products to dig into, the more excited they will be! See post 11 for goodie bag tips and contents.

7. Put a reminder in your phone to confirm the "I have my oils now what" appointment with them the day before or morning of the appointment to chat on the phone. Encourage them to print out or have the “I have my oils now what plus recipes” document in front of them to review with you and all of their products out, ready to dig in.

8. During your 7-10 day overview, review "I have my oils now what plus recipes" handouts. Go over their needs and guide them on how to use what they bought and review the recipes page for more ideas. Ask how they liked their Goodie Bag products. Encourage them to go ahead and set up their LRP - with items that they liked in the goodie bag, 6 pack of rollers and fco if they didn’t get any and of course, LLV if they didn’t get any. You can send them the LLV trifold from if you need help explaining the benefits quickly and easily.

9. Tag them in the FAQ posts in your Facebook group (or email them the info if they aren’t on FB) about how to order next or anything that came up in conversation. Help them set up their LRP for the next month at the appointment, if they haven't already set it up on their own using the FAQ tips.

10. Check in with them 2 days before their LRP is scheduled to see if they have any questions and again in 60 days. Put those in your calendar.

11. Great additional documents to send in the future or put in your team Facebook files tab are the Household Shopping List and the 30 Day Cleanse doc for Adult and Kids. Do not send a bunch of stuff to new members - it confuses and overwhelms them.

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