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I'm new to doTERRA. How do I start structuring as a beginner?

Here's how: share with everyone how they can get free stuff and even get their doTERRA paid for. Ask EVERYONE if they want their doTERRA free at their 7-10 day Oils Now What Overview call or in person visit. Let them know by hosting a fun class they can get free doTERRA! Let everyone know that there is a great business opportunity with doTERRA. Mention it as you do videos, classes, in one on ones. Do not deny others the opportunity to build a life of their dreams with doTERRA!

Give them all 5 extra trifolds and show them how easy it is to enroll people by filling out a trifold with their info.

Your goal is to keep people together that are friends, family, etc. Place them vertically under one another. If someone referred you a new enrollment, put that enrollment under them and send them a thank you roller, card, or gift. Even if they don't want to build doTERRA now, they may in the future, and you don't want them asking a year from now "where are my friends and family that I referred you?! I should already have a team built!"

You are working towards a PREMIER RANK structure that looks like this (see below) then replicate this same process with each of your downline.

RANK CHART - to figure out how to get there!

TO START - FIND YOUR TWO !! Find 2-3 people that want to share, build or that will be placeholders and enter their social, so they can be Wellness Advocate. You can help them build or you build below them if they are a placeholder (someone holding that place until you get a real builder- great options may be mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, best friend).

Schedule a mentoring appointment with your upline when you enroll new people so they can guide you. This is something that takes time to understand.

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