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1. Schedule a mentor call with the person that enrolled you or the person above them that is doing the business and they will help you get started. Take action. Action is the only way to get results. This call will simply include choosing your dates for your classes and making arrangements for it to be taught via the Internet (Zoom or FB Live) or in person with your mentor.

2. Make a list of names:

You’ll be making a list and using it to track who you invite to in person classes, online classes, to meet with you one on one, etc. Invite everyone you know. Everyone deserves to feel better with doTERRA.

3. Order your business building tools from here:

• Intro to doTERRA Trifold

• Sharing Trifold

• Growing Trifold

Great Free Online PDFs from doTERRA Corporate to review -

Share guide -

Build guide -

4. Choose 2-4 dates to host all your classes within 2 weeks of each other. If a guest can’t make your first class, you simply give them the other dates and ask them which class they CAN attend. If they cannot attend any, implement the 60 Second Enrollment discussion See Post 5 for more info on that. Choose an online class for friends that are not local and 2-3 in person classes including a weeknight and a weekend day.

5. Choose a make and take class or an intro class (you don't make stuff). Have the person that enrolled you teach the first class (or the person above them that is teaching classes). Help your friends and family schedule a fun make and take at their house, too! Invite people using your Names List (100 people you know)

6. Do a Facebook Event Invite in addition to texting and calling to invite. See Post 9 for sample invite. Help them get into the appropriate FB groups before they are enrolled and after they are enrolled - see post 6 regarding Facebook groups and how to use them.

That's it! But most of all, just share what you love about your oils and have fun. You don't have to be an expert. You just tell them the oils worked for you, help them get their own account and help them get into the team fb groups for support.

Please note: mentor calls are scheduled based on action taken. Once classes are held, your mentor will help you with the next action steps. No action = no need for a mentor call. Action = classes scheduled, people invited, and/or enrollments completed. Be sure to utilize your resources and empower yourself. This is your business, so treat it like one!

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