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Hinoki in Harmony

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Last time, we took a look at the dōTERRA® Northern Escape blend, and I mentioned Hinoki as the component that added a note of airy relaxation. Today we’ll enter further into the woody, relaxing aroma of the ornamental Japanese hinoki tree.

Picture a bonsai tree adorning a desk or garden. You might actually be looking at a dwarf hinoki tree, a favorite among bonsai artists! The hinoki tree grows so widespread in Japan that it’s also known as the Japanese cypress. There in its Asian homeland, hinoki wood has been used for centuries to construct culturally significant structures such as palaces and shrines. This wood is so pure and high-quality that some of the world’s oldest surviving structures are made from hinoki. Evidenced by 1000-year-old buildings which are still standing, hinoki wood resists rot remarkably well!

For those who find the other evergreen oils to be a bit too intense for everyday use, try the gentle touch of Hinoki oil. Beautifully fragrant and clean, this oil is uplifting, purifying, and oh so relaxing. Use Hinoki to support healthy skin by adding it to your cleansing routine and applying it to areas that could use a soothing boost. A few drops in your bathwater will create a zen environment to unwind after a long day; or if a bath doesn’t fit into your schedule, just rub two drops into the palms and inhale deeply.

For a pleasant and cleansing effect on hardwood surfaces, add a few drops of Hinoki to your floor cleaning solution. When you diffuse Hinoki, you fill the room with energizing, herbaceous sweetness and a trailing hint of citrus.

Pure Zen

  • 2 drops Hinoki
  • 2 drops Cedarwood
  • 2 drops Frankincense

Fresh Focus

  • 3 drops Bergamot
  • 2 drops Hinoki
  • 1 drop Sandalwood

Aromatically woody, elegant, and balsamic — meaning it is rich in flowing, fragrant resin — hinoki is sometimes called the “holy tree.” It is so dearly valued that Japanese law states only fallen trees can be used to produce essential oil. Indeed, about half a pound of hinoki wood fills one 5 mL Hinoki bottle; and throughout the production process, dōTERRA works with Japan’s forest management program to ensure that no part of these treasured trees is wasted. Now that’s a cooperative, resourceful and respectful approach to utilizing a precious resource.

Purely harmonious Hinoki contains chemical properties that can help soothe occasional feelings of stress. Use it to promote cleaner air, easier breathing, and an atmosphere of rest for you and your loved ones. In addition to diffusing at bedtime, you might also apply it topically to the feet, back, and chest.

From plant art to architecture and health practices, the Japanese have traditionally prized hinoki wood for its purity. This same quality gives us good reason to trust and use Hinoki, an exclusive essential oil with limited availability, to support our own wellness. In all of its elegant softness, dōTERRA Hinoki is an astoundingly pure substance from an astoundingly strong material. Gentleness, strength, cleansing and calm: Hinoki brings them all into harmony.