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Oil of Oregano

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In the seaside Mediterranean nation of Turkey, harvesters carry armfuls of green, feathery oregano sprigs. They’re full of leaves that will be dried and separated from the stem before being distilled, all part of a process that provides many jobs for local farmers. These fragrant herbal leaves create a pure, potent, and powerful product to be utilized by people the world over: dōTERRA® Oregano essential oil. The word oregano comes from a Greek phrase meaning “joy of the mountains,” and we’re about to learn exactly why the fragrant leaves of this Mediterranean herb could be described as such.

Let’s be clear from the start: Oregano is not one of those drop-of-sunshine essential oils that beckons beginning oilers to generously bathe everything in their living space with an uplifting aroma. If that’s where you are, at the start of your oily education, welcome! But go ahead and hide your pillows and bed linens for now, because that is not what Oregano does. Rather, Oregano oil is one of the most potent ones out there, boasting a primary chemical component named carvacrol, a phenol with antioxidant properties. Among other things, this means that a little bit of Oregano goes a very long way. You should always dilute Oregano with a carrier oil when applying topically.

However, Oregano oil isn’t best known for its topical applications. While some people can handle a drop of Oregano mixed with several ounces of liquid for internal use, others choose to employ veggie capsules filled with a drop or two of the oil. Potent Oregano oil can help maintain healthy immune, digestive, and respiratory systems, which is why people have found multiple creative ways to work this hot oil into their daily routines. In my opinion, cooking is perhaps the most practical way to take advantage of the highly prized internal benefits of Oregano. Just use one drop in place of one tablespoon dried oregano in your spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, or meat dish.

You can even make Oregano-infused olive oil by mixing up to a few drops of Oregano into the appropriate quantity of organic, unrefined olive oil needed to fill your decorative oil dispenser. (This sort of dispenser is called a cruet, in case you end up searching for one online.) With this Oregano-infused olive oil, you can turn a standard meal into a romantic-feeling dinner that mimics the best Mediterranean place in town! Use this simple mixture as a clean salad dressing, meat marinade, pasta dish drizzle, or bread dip. If you want to mix things up, create flavor combinations using other oils such as Rosemary, Lemon, Basil, or Black Pepper. This is just one of many great ways to work strong, resolving Oregano into your diet.

Use pure Oregano oil in a powerful diffuser blend like the one below to help your body fight the good fight against invaders. Being able to offer our bodies natural support against some of the toughest threats it comes up against is a wonderful thing.

Strong Defense

• 1 drop Oregano

• 4 drops On Guard®

• 3 drops Frankincense

We’re only beginning to scratch the surface of the supportive capabilities contained within powerful Oregano oil. Its chemical combination of carvacrol and thymol urges us to handle it with care as we use it to combat threats that other, friendlier oils simply wouldn’t be equipped to face. It’s time to get cooking with the amazing herbal oil of Oregano!