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Rise Above with Siberian Fir

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An exciting upgrade recently took place at dōTERRA. Does your essential oil collection reflect it yet? White Fir finished out its day in the spotlight and was replaced by Siberian Fir. Let’s find out why this newer oil on the block is deserving of our attention!

Siberian Fir blazed onto the scene with a power and a bit of a superiority complex. Siberian Fir essential oil, which is steam-distilled from coniferous needles and twigs native to the frigid northern regions of Russia, packs a higher level of intensity than its predecessor. A bit about Siberian Fir: these rugged trees can live upwards of one hundred years, despite harshly cold temperatures registering in the neighborhood of negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit! Perhaps this oil’s high level of intensity has something to do with the tree’s ability to survive in such an inhospitable climate.

Yes, Siberian Fir is intense; but it’s also fresh, piney and soothing. Apply it topically to help ease muscle soreness following strenuous exertion. For another topical application idea, add a few drops to your daily lotion or moisturizer to promote a more even skin tone. Take advantage of the grounding qualities of Siberian Fir by using it aromatically to calm anxious feelings. Diffuse at home, work, or school to help you relax as you work through difficult circumstances. For a more private escape, add a few drops to your shower experience to promote deep, calm breathing. This woody, pleasant scent has the uncanny ability to take you beyond the stressful situation in front of you and into the great outdoors for a breath of truly fresh air. 

The vast majority of noses will probably associate the aroma of Siberian Fir with holiday times gathered around the Christmas tree, so you’ll want to have it on hand as this beloved season approaches. Diffusing it will increase the welcoming and inviting factor of your living space! Siberian Fir is useful in the realm of aromatherapy to help overcome feelings of self-doubt and to encourage confidence. It’s a great oil to diffuse overnight to enhance deep sleep, as our minds process thoughts and events in preparation for a brand new day.

A note to any tender hearts who have been mourning the loss of White Fir in the dōTERRA lineup: try to embrace the new fir on the block with the knowledge that Siberian Fir is, chemically speaking, a clear upgrade. It’s true; Siberian Fir is intensely pine! If you find yourself missing the light, airy component of White Fir, simply blend one drop of Lemon or Lime essential oil with two drops of Siberian Fir. With that softer citrus note to round out the sharp edges of Siberian Fir, you might feel like your old friend is back again.

As always, dōTERRA gives us plenty of reasons to trust them in the area of ethics as well as wellness. To minimize environmental impact, Siberian Fir needles and twigs are harvested from trees that have already been cut down for the logging industry. Whether you’re a loyal fir fan or have just been introduced to the applications of fir essential oil, Siberian Fir is worth a try. It turns out that this fragrant evergreen tree, thriving in the remote forests of Siberia, can actually help you thrive in your day-to-day life.