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Rosemary Ready

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Today we think of Rosemary in the form of a tender bunch of sprigs, sitting ready in a planter or spice jar to garnish a savory meal. This fragrant member of the mint family of herbs is related to basil, sage, oregano, and marjoram, each of which is naturally associated with the kitchen. But this flavorful plant which grows wild on the Mediterranean seashore has been used for thousands of years in a much wider scope than we might imagine.

Ancient Greek scholars touted the abilities of rosemary to bolster concentration and focus, and some ancient cultures even believed it could drive away evil spirits! While we’re not suggesting you use it in that particular capacity, let’s take a look at some unique ways in which dōTERRA Rosemary essential oil stands ready to support you.

How about using this pleasant pine-like oil to promote hair and scalp wellness? Apply it topically to encourage healthy, full locks: just a couple drops of Rosemary can create a refreshing scalp massage. Rosemary joins a host of other essential oils, including Lavender, Thyme, and Melaleuca, which stand ready to come to the rescue for hair issues. True, you might not be accustomed to your mane wafting the aroma of a Mediterranean salad; but if you’re up for thinking outside the box and trying something new, experiment with Rosemary to help promote that full and healthy-looking head of hair you’ve always wanted.

The mild cleansing properties that make Rosemary so helpful to the hair also make it useful for the skin. In Latin, Rosemary is called “dew of the sea,” a meaning which beautiful encapsulates its delicate cleansing ability. You can incorporate Rosemary into your daily skincare regimen by simply adding a drop to your moisturizer before gently applying it to the face.

Last but not least, it almost goes without saying that dōTERRA Rosemary deserves a prominent place in the kitchen. Add a tiny drop to chicken, lamb, pork, and potato recipes for a big burst of flavor! Experiment with its effect in your favorite marinades, too. As your cooking area fills with the refreshing, energizing aroma of Rosemary, you’ll benefit from the rejuvenated atmosphere it creates. As an added plus, most insects dislike the smell of Rosemary, making it even more of a welcome staple in your kitchen or garden.

By now you’ve seen that Rosemary truly is ready to do more than we might give it credit for. Renewing, clearing, and relaxing: be ready with dōTERRA Rosemary!