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Small but Mighty Clementine

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What do you get when you cross a mandarin and a sweet orange? You get a juicy, zesty, miniature citrus fruit called a clementine, which is basically the most adorable orange you’ll ever see. The rind surrounding these small, bright fruits can be cold-pressed to create dōTERRA® Clementine essential oil, which is currently available as a limited-time special promotion. The essence of this small but mighty fruit is packed, quite appropriately, into a small but mighty bottle.

Clementine essential oil is best known for its mood-boosting properties and cleansing power, plus all the sweetness and zest you’d expect it to bring to the kitchen table! If you’re a fan of citrus flavors on your breakfast, lunch or dinner plate, keep this tiny bottle close for when culinary inspiration strikes. Citrus essential oils like Clementine are great supporters of general wellness, making your insides happy in all sorts of ways; so turn an ordinary drink break into a special occasion by placing a drop of Clementine into your cup of tea or glass of water. Enjoy this refreshing twist as a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. Aromatically, let Clementine uplift you to a place of sweet invigoration. Cleanse the air and receive an emotional boost at the same time by diffusing this blend:

Zest for Life

  • 3 drops Clementine
  • 3 drops Peppermint
  • 1 drop Lime

Though some sources attribute the clementine’s origin to China, the general consensus is that the first recorded clementines sprung up in the garden of an Algerian orphanage. As the story goes, a monk named Brother Clement discovered an uncultivated citrus tree growing among thorns in a corner of the orphanage’s expansive garden. This plot of land, covered with hundreds of varieties of botanical life, greatly interested Clement, whose duty was to oversee it. He transplanted the lone tree and soon realized that a new variety of mandarin was born! When it became apparent that there were enough differences between this and a typical mandarin to merit a totally new name, the children of the orphanage pushed for a name that would honor their beloved Brother Clement. They certainly got what they wished for, and the clementine was born.

Sourced in southern Brazil, dōTERRA Clementine is the result of local resourcefulness. While this area of the world provides the perfect climate for growing high-quality citrus fruits, the growing process invariably produces a few blemished and bruised fruits that just aren’t suitable to be sold as food. These royal rejects, the crown jewels of the citrus world despite their blemishes, are the ones that are cold- pressed into essential oil for us! Even better, the smallholder farmers who partner with dōTERRA to create Clementine oil benefit from this extra income opportunity as they put their otherwise wasted produce to good use and earn money in the process. What could be considered waste becomes useful; and once again dōTERRA demonstrates her characteristic care for every person involved in the process of creating these oils.

Small but mighty, Clementine succeeds in cultivating a lightened atmosphere and bringing the best of citrus zest! The sensory experience of a refreshing, invigorating stroll through a citrus grove can now become part of your daily landscape through Clementine essential oil.