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Treasured Melissa

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Melissa is more than just a beautiful, popular girls’ name. It’s one of the rarest and most valuable dōTERRA essential oils, so much so that some owners choose extra secure locations for the safekeeping of this precious bottle! Why in the world would someone place their Melissa under lock and key? Let’s find out more about the value of this Mediterranean beauty.


In Greek, “melissa” means honey bee, and the flower is so named because of the attractiveness of its sweet, citrus fragrance for bees. But bees aren’t the only creatures powerfully drawn to the substance. Europeans have been utilizing melissa, also known as lemon balm, for over 2,000 years! Charlemagne, who united most of central and western Europe during the early Middle Ages, is even said to have ordered the melissa flower grown in herb gardens throughout his empire. Taking into account the traditional uses of the melissa plant for supporting general health, as well as its awakening, restorative nature, it’s no wonder Charlemagne hoped the people of his empire would make constant use of it.


One reason Melissa essential oil is considered so precious is that it is low yield: a great amount of plant matter is required to produce just one small bottle. Sourced by dōTERRA in the lovely and rugged land of Bulgaria, the oil is steam distilled from the dainty leaves and flowers. But with so many potential benefits to body and mind packed in, not one ounce of those fresh buds and leaves need go to waste! An oil with comparable benefits to Melissa is Frankincense. If Frankincense is the king of oils, could Melissa be his rightful queen? You decide.


Use cleansing and supportive Melissa to rejuvenate the skin, to relax and soothe the body, and to deliver warmth. Her aroma is more herbaceous than the citrus oils, yet similar to them in sweetness. Use Melissa’s calming properties to promote emotional well-being. On anxious occasions, such as right before a public speaking presentation, place a drop into your cupped hands and inhale deeply. Just so you know, Melissa and Lavender together create an unstoppable duo of restfulness; keep this combo in mind for times of wakefulness or stress.


In the Middle Ages, Melissa was dubbed “Nectar of Life” because of her uncanny ability to improve mood. Doesn’t that name just make you want to drink in the singular aroma right now? Go ahead and do so by preparing this awakening blend in your diffuser of choice.



2 drops Melissa

2 drops Juniper Berry

2 drops Black Spruce

1 drop Myrrh


We’ve unlocked the safe and learned about the treasure within. Now it’s time to decide just how you will cherish this prized essential oil with such a lovely name: Melissa.