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Tropical Tangerine

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No matter how long the winter ahead may seem, the tangy taste of dōTERRA® Tangerine will have you dreaming of summer. Picture soft, crushed ice in a citrus slushy, melting on the beach in the rays of the golden sun. Yes, that’s the destination I’m picturing for Tangerine to take us! If you’re in, come with me to see what this sunny citrus oil has to offer us midwinter.

Starting with that tropical slushy image, it’s easy to pop a few drops of Tangerine into a smoothie, making those fruit juice flavors pop even more. However, if you’re wanting or needing to avoid the sugar levels found in fruit juice, use a few tangy drops of Tangerine mixed with cold water instead. With Tangerine, there’s no need to miss out on the flavor of citrus juice in your concoction. If you’ve ever enjoyed Wild Orange oil, you’ll find that Tangerine has a similar aroma, yet milder and sweeter. Let Tangerine essential oil enhance the taste of desserts, drinks, and really any recipe that calls for citrus. Think muffins, scones, party punch recipes, and more.

Tangerine oil is perfect to use in every way: internally, topically, and aromatically. As always when applying an oil topically, you’ll want to be mindful of potential skin sensitivity as well as photosensitivity. Check out these diffuser blends to find out where the scent of tropical evergreen Tangerine can take you:

Florida Beach

• 4 drops Cypress

• 3 drops Tangerine

• 2 drops Lime

• 2 drops Bergamot

Peace Full

• 4 drops Tangerine

• 3 drops Lavender

• 3 drops Cedarwood

Sweet and bright, Tangerine essential oil is high in limonene, making it an effective cleansing and deodorizing agent. Drop it down disposals, spray on kitchen counters, and spritz onto bathroom surfaces to spread the summery aroma all around.

Though the tangerine is named after Tangier, Morocco, where it was first cultivated, dōTERRA Tangerine has a different origin story. Tangerine oil’s warm seasonal vibe is rooted in the humidity and mild weather of southern Brazil, another region in which tangerine trees thrive. This area of the world offers the perfect climate for citrus growing, leading to some of the finest quality you’ll find.

The tangerine tree, evergreen with fragrant white flowers, produces loads of fresh fruit for Brazil and beyond. But what about fruit that can’t easily be sold to eat, due to blemishes or bruises? These are the very fruits whose rinds are cold-pressed into dōTERRA Tangerine, creating a beautiful oil while also compensating farmers for fruit that could otherwise have gone to waste. And with approximately 9 whopping pounds of tangerine peel necessary to make just a few milliliters of Tangerine oil, it’s a good thing the process is so resourceful from start to finish!

Today is the perfect time to bring home Tangerine. A refreshing orange crush in the middle of winter, let sweet and citrusy Tangerine uplift and encourage you that temps will turn warmer, and those beach dreams will stay alive until they become reality.