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    1. I am new to oils...help! What do I do next?! Easy as 1-2-3

    2. How to make roller, spray, veggie cap, use diffuser

    3. How do I order next? LRP (Rewards Monthly Ordering - Wellness Box)

    4. Safety and Photosensitivity

    5. I want to host a class & get free stuff. How?

    6. How to save even more with secret LRP deals

    7. Oil usage guide - what is safe?

    8. Educational Videos

    9. Jackson, age 12, tells you what he uses video

    10. Sharing & Building doTERRA1

    1. Which plastics are safe?

    12. How to redeem POINTS

    13. I want to help someone get oils...how do I do that?

    14. How to take the LLV - Lifelong Vitality Essential Oil Supplements

    15. Return Policy

    16. I helped some friends enroll and I got $ from doTERRA - what for? How do I get more thank you $. doTERRA Compensation

    17. I Enrolled someone, now what?

    18. Safety Myths debunked (Allergic to oils?, Lavender & Boys Breasts, Peppermint & Eucalyptus for children, Do Oils Expire)

    19. How to Care for Diffusers

    20. Are doTERRA Oils Organic? Thank you so much for helping your friends & family begin their journey with doTERRA!Sincerely,Linda Austin

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