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A Cleaner Abode

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It’s official: this month is the ideal time to learn all about the abōde™ Line by doTERRA®! This collection of natural home care and cleaning products has been around for a few years now, but that doesn’t mean everyone has had the pleasure of getting to know it quite yet. For those of you who are newer to essential oils and think doTERRA begins and ends with single oils and blends, think again. This company is always out to create something simple, effective, green and clean.

The abōde Line began with a desire to help families trade in things like parabens, dyes, triclosan, synthetic additives, and propylene glycol for certified pure therapeutic grade oils like Lime, Cassia, Tea Tree, Arborvitae, and Cilantro. And that’s only half of the oils that make an appearance in abōde Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner. That’s where we’ll be camping out today; but just so you know, the line also offers liquid dish soap, dishwasher pods, laundry pods, and a springtime-scented handwash and lotion!

So, on to the abōde Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate: this unassuming recyclable glass bottle contains a powerful mixture of ten essential oils, ready to be added to a spray dispenser in the ratio of one part concentrate to nine parts water. For best performance, you may want to use the refillable doTERRA abōde Surface Spray Dispenser, though another spray bottle of choice should get the job done too. With only one part concentrate needed per nine parts water, this concentrate goes the distance.

Now that your surface cleaner is all mixed up, it’s time to use it where food is prepared, in bathrooms, on countertops and fixtures, on walls and finished wood, on tile floors, and anywhere else you want to make spotless and fresh. Depend on abōde Surface Cleaner to be tough on grease and grime, as well as naturally effective with a pleasant citrusy aroma.

We wouldn’t be giving abōde blend (that’s right, it’s also available as an oil blend) a proper look without touching on every oil found within it. It’s always exciting to get a doTERRA product that combines this many oils in one place! That’s a whole lot of benefits in one bottle. Brazilian Lime oil is robust, zesty, and energizing. Known for its use in Taiwanese traditional health practices, Litsea is a cleansing oil with a lemony twist and a sweet aroma. Cassia, related to Cinnamon Bark, brings a strong spiciness. Another refreshing element of abōde, Lemon Eucalyptus brings the cleansing chemicals citronellal and citronellol. Tea Tree adds its unmistakable earthiness and purification, while Arborvitae adds woodsy charm.

Kochii Eucalyptus is a unique variation of the favorite classic that’s particularly invigorating. Famous for its culinary use, and known for that lightly herbal scent, Cilantro has the superpower of clearing the air and eliminating unpleasant odors. Lavandin, as a natural hybrid of true lavender, does not surprise us at all with its aromatic intensity and soothing floral notes. Lavandin oil comes from a plant that was literally named for its cleaning properties, so no surprises there! Finally, Australian Lemon Myrtle boasts the cleansing chemical citral. Wow, is that a long list of oils contained in this super solution we call abōde Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate!

Achieving a cleaner abode has never felt so natural before. With all non-toxic ingredients, little hands can help with the cleaning process where previously they had to exercise caution and keep their distance. Welcome home to your sparkling fresh abode.