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Tantalizing Turmeric

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You’ve likely heard of turmeric, the spice that lends its yellow tone to foods like mustard and curry. It’s also possible you’ve seen turmeric supplements for sale at health food stores; and with turmeric spice powder being a staple in so many kitchen cupboards, it’s with some degree of basic familiarity that we’ll explore a host of compelling reasons to use dōTERRA® Turmeric essential oil.

Particularly advantageous to the immune and nervous systems, Turmeric oil is beneficial however you first choose to use it: internally, topically, or aromatically. While recent scientific attention has focused on curcumin, a chemical constituent of the turmeric root, this is far from turmeric’s first time in the spotlight. The turmeric plant is a flowering herb connected to rhizomes and tubers, the underground portions of the plant that are the real powerhouses behind (or more accurately, beneath) it.

Bright orange turmeric has been used for thousands of years for its supportive capabilities, and its South Asian heritage is as rich as the bright orange hue it boasts. Our Turmeric oil comes from southern Nepal, where women in colorful saris crisscross vast golden fields. During the harvesting process, they beat the bright orange turmeric rhizomes into powder before steam distillation produces the Turmeric oil we know.

Speaking of curcumin, that chemical constituent I mentioned earlier, it’s important to note that dōTERRA Turmeric contains an increased potency of curcumin, as compared to store-bought spices and supplements. The more potent the curcumin, the more effectively Turmeric can make its supportive way into the cells of the body. For an easy start, place one or two drops of Turmeric into at least four ounces of water, spreading out that spicy flavor for a metabolically invigorating drink. Peppery, spicy, and subtle, the flavor of Turmeric is a good fit for enhancing eggs, rice, soup, and sautés. Combine this oil in your skillet or savory dish with complementary oils like Ginger or Lemongrass. Turmeric also makes a great addition to your favorite latte, tea, or tropical smoothie!

When you think of diffusing Turmeric, envision a warm, spicy, and earthy aroma. Naturally, this sort of aroma can be wonderfully calming during life’s high-strung moments. Use Turmeric within a soothing diffuser blend to uplift and unwind at times like these.

Rest and Repeat

• 2 drops Turmeric

• 3 drops Purify

• 2 drops Lime

Isn’t it fitting how sometimes the most attractive quality of an object in nature is an accurate reflection of how it can be applied to our lives? Such is the case with warmly glowing turmeric: it’s just begging to be applied to the skin, where it can transfer over some of that radiant glow and promote a healthy smoothness. You might use Turmeric oil as a spot treatment, or include in a face mask recipe to help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Another way to utilize Turmeric oil is within a homemade veggie capsule for internal use. Pop open a dōTERRA Veggie Cap and place a carefully chosen combination of oils within. For example, to use Turmeric in a Cellular Boost Veggie Cap Blend, place 3 drops Turmeric, 2 drops Frankincense, and 2 drops Pink Pepper into a veggie cap; then swallow with plenty of water.

Bringing a colorful burst of flavor to savory meals, Turmeric boasts a golden glow that also supports the mood, skin, and beyond. Promoting radiance both within and without, and having so many possible applications, Turmeric shines bright as a tantalizing and inviting oil for your self-care collection.