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Tea Tree, the Scent of Green

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Tea Tree, also known as Melaleuca, has a centuries-long history among the Australian Aborigines. These indigenous people would manually crush tea tree leaves to release their cleansing chemicals, then inhale the herbaceous aroma. With dōTERRA® Tea Tree Touch, it’s a bit easier than all that: we get to skip the leaf crushing and head straight into a smooth, convenient roller bottle application. The perfect amount of Fractionated Coconut Oil combines with Tea Tree essential oil to easily deliver targeted support to the skin, where Tea Tree is most highly revered for its cleansing capabilities.

Tea Tree Touch is a wonderful companion for supporting a healthy complexion. With a cooling effect and an earthy, attractive scent, you’ll quickly come to look forward to your daily Tea Tree Touch! As part of a cleansing, shaving, or even a beard care routine, Tea Tree offers an extra helpful touch to any blemished areas. Bottled rejuvenation has arrived! Closely related to the skin, the nails also drink up purifying Tea Tree oil. Give those nail beds the at-home treatment of their lives after a gardening or cleaning session, knowing that the Fractionated Coconut Oil within the Tea Tree Touch roller serves to help increase absorption of the essential oil into the skin and cuticles.

Can Tea Tree do even more, beyond the surface? You bet! This essential oil is highly versatile; it’s composed of more than 90 unique plant chemical constituents that open the door to a wide range of applications. Respiratory support is a big one: some people swear by placing a few drops of Tea Tree oil into a pot of steaming water, then drawing in a series of deep, long inhalations at the very first sign of feeling even slightly under the weather. Of course, with Tea Tree Touch, you can easily roll it right onto the chest and throat as needed to promote feelings of clearer breathing. Roll it onto the bottoms of the feet for full-body support.

We haven’t yet touched on the resolve with which this rich, green, organic scent of the earth can ground the emotions. During times when we’re feeling physically under the weather, our emotions can also feel weighted down. Let them both benefit from the same combinations of plant oils in these comforting diffuser blends.

Pick Me Up:

- 3 drops Tea Tree

- 3 drops Lavender

- 2 drops Peppermint

- 2 drops Eucalyptus

After the Rain:

- 4 drops Tea Tree

- 4 drops Eucalyptus

- 2 drops Rosemary

As someone who personally values Tea Tree oil as a favorite (it was aromatic love at first smell), I was surprised to find out that most members of the Australian Army actually carried a small bottle of Tea Tree oil with them at the start of World War II. With the need to pack light and be prepared for danger, it speaks volumes that any soldier would choose to bring this particular oil along on their person.

dōTERRA collaborates with farmers in two countries on two continents, which sit across the Indian Ocean from each other, to source Tea Tree: Australia and Kenya. Thanks to the farmers’ hard work in caring for and harvesting their shrub-like evergreen tea trees, we have the ability to experience this powerful, purifying oil for ourselves. There’s no time like the present to engage with the scent of green through dōTERRA® Tea Tree Touch.