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The Touch of Tea Tree

· Essential Oils
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As you consider how your New Year’s resolution is working out so far, would you believe there’s a powerfully cleansing essential oil that can itself be described as resolute? If you’re unsure just how an essential oil can be resolute, check out this Oxford definition of the words: purposeful, determined, unwavering. Indeed, dōTERRA® Tea Tree oil is all of these things in a bottle!

Australian Aborigines have used Tea Tree (also known as Melaleuca, part of the plant’s scientific name) for centuries, harnessing its cleansing superpowers by manually crushing the leaves and inhaling their herbaceous aroma. With dōTERRA Tea Tree Touch, it’s a bit simpler than that: we skip the leaf crushing and head straight to smooth, perfectly diluted application via roller bottle. Just the right amount of Fractionated Coconut Oil combines with Tea Tree oil to deliver targeted support for the skin, which is where Tea Tree is best known to leave its purifying mark.

Use Tea Tree Touch to support a healthy complexion while enjoying a cooling effect and an unmistakably earthy, herbaceous scent. Rejuvenate your skin by applying as part of your cleansing or shaving routine, making sure to pay extra attention to blemished areas. Another area of the body begging for Tea Tree Touch are the fingernails and toenails, which will absolutely eat up the pampering and purification this magic roller delivers. The Fractionated Coconut oil included in Tea Tree Touch helps increase the absorption of the essential oil into your skin and cuticles. For full-body support, roll Tea Tree Touch straight onto the bottoms of little (or big) feet!

Speaking of magic, you may want to look up Australia’s Bungawalbin Creek. Surrounded by melaleuca trees, the creek fills with shed leaves that release their oils, creating what some consider to be magical waters. Combine this image with the vision of kangaroos hopping around the grounds from which dōTERRA Tea Tree oil is harvested, and you’ll be positively carried away by the organic rain-kissed aroma of this special oil. In addition to Australia, dōTERRA also collaborates with farmers in Kenya to source Tea Tree oil. Two countries, two continents, across the Indian Ocean from each other, both contributing to the production of this versatile oil!

Tea Tree’s versatility makes perfect sense in light of the fact that it’s composed of more than 90 unique chemical constituents. With so many components, possibilities for applications abound! Give Tea Tree Touch a go in the areas of general cleansing, respiratory support, scalp health, oral and gum health, and- you guessed it - emotional resolve. Let this green aroma, rich with the organic scents of the earth, promote wellness in these areas and more. Especially during this time when we are more conscious of respiratory health than ever before, it’s a great idea to get to know Tea Tree Touch by liberally rolling it onto the chest and letting it promote feelings of clearer breathing. Layer it with other oils such as dōTERRA Cypress, Thyme, and Lavender as you use your entire collection to support your family’s valuable immune systems.

Though the rest of the world discovered it only a few hundred years ago, Australian Aborigines have known about the secret of Tea Tree since they settled their land. Fortunately for us, it’s no longer a secret! The resolute power of Tea Tree is now ours, made even more attainable as dōTERRA Tea Tree Touch.